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Some things may have changed

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, traffic levels have been rather low. Now that restrictions are lifted, the number of flights slowly but steadily increases and we are returning to ‘normal’ operations again.

However, not everything is normal yet. Many staff have experienced reduced activity levels. Some airlines stopped flying altogether and have started up recently. Ground handlers, air traffic controllers and airport operators continued to work but mostly with a lower intensity.

The opportunity of reduced activity has been taken to maintain and improve the infrastructure as well. Of course, changes are communicated in the usual way, but now there may be some more changes than normally.

Of course, coming back to work after a holiday period, illness or maternity leave is nothing new. But in this recovery period, operations are getting up to speed themselves as well. So the recovery not only involves yourself, but also the people and the environment you work with. Therefore teamwork is more important than ever.

So let’s do this together, together we ensure a safe recovery